for adventurers only.

product launch april / may 2017... keeping you updated

aerobatics proofed, for the brave among us | for the outdooradventurers | for the wild side of life

pics from the prototype testing 2016, thanks too Markus Feyerabend & all pilots of Kaufbeuren

Here comes the frame!


undercoverSUNLIGHTpro | full edition


Multifunctional tube combined with sunglasses, easy to handle for outdoorsports.

The system has 3 components: tube, frame of awesomeness and the glasses bought from oakley

We deliver: 2x tube (white | black), 1x frame (black), 1x contrast glasses (brown) for the best contrast


What's diffrent from your ordinary sunglasses?


- your glasses will not fall off your face, even during extrem positions, for example during aerobatics

- they'll not hop on your nose during exercise, for example freeletics

- you'll never need an extra packaging, just wrap them into your tube and they'll be just fine

- you can pull them just down to your neck if you dont need them for a while, or up on your head

- from now on you'll always have a pice of fabric to clean them

- they're made of only 3 components, no screws... nothing - less parts less problems

- you can buy a ton of different types of glass online at the oakley webshop ( the type is called batwolf)

- ask your optician for glasses with correction

- you will never ever have to wear an ugly hat again

- focus more on you being awesome then on the wellness programm of your sunglasses

- but remember, they are for the brave among us, for the fearless adventurers


199,00 €

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  • 5 - 8 Wochen Lieferzeit

undercoverSUNLIGHTpro | skinny edition | one by one

here you can order just the tube in case you want to order your glasses at your optician  or need an extra tube...

30,00 €

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  • 5 - 8 Wochen Lieferzeit


color black

120,00 €

  • nur noch begrenzte Anzahl vorhanden
  • 5 - 8 Wochen Lieferzeit